Getting There… a few peeks around the new studio

© Robyn Hood Black

Greetings! I’ve been out of touch but busy, what with moving across the state and all. My new studio is slowly coming together, and I do love it. I will share a proper tour and pictures soon. In the meantime, here are a couple of clean-slate/new space/before-I-moved-in pics, and several pics of some fast-filling nooks, crannies, and curiosities. Enjoy!

What am I NOT showing you? Um, the remaining boxes and all the little pieces-parts that I’m still walking around and organizing. It seems I’ve accumulated quite the collection of vintage and art supply ‘treasures’ in the past ten years…. (Insert shoulder shrug emoji here.)  

More soon! :0)

© Robyn Hood Black

© Robyn Hood Black

© Robyn Hood Black

© Robyn Hood Black

© Robyn Hood Black

Thanks for popping in!

Happy 2023 – and, Moving Boxes! (And New Studio-to-Be)

Greetings, artsy friends! We’re in the midst of a rather convoluted move from our home in Beaufort, SC, to the Upstate. We’re in an apartment for a couple of months as we’ve just put our house on the market at the coast, and renovations are underway at our new home in the hills (including my new studio in the basement!). I was hoping to re-open my Etsy shop after the holidays in this in-between-time before getting settled in March, but the stacks of boxes are advising against it – I have SO. MANY. BOXES. (and tubs, and bags, etc.) I’m afraid I might not be able to properly fill orders or make items with everything packed away. You’d be surprised how the success of an entire order can hinge on one particular jump ring, or old charm I’m almost out of, or a specific clipping of ribbon! I look forward to being up and running again in a few weeks, and I thank you for your patience. Below is my new studio space at the beginning of construction; I look forward to sharing pictures when it’s finished!
Robyn standing in front of new studio space under construction.

Waving from March…

Greetings! My physical shop will stay closed for a short while more, as we all get vaccinated. If you’re in Beaufort and attending First Friday this eve, enjoy and please stay safe. :0) My Etsy shop is open 24/7. Featuring new items for Spring soon!


To our Beaufort Friends: My teeny wee shop will not be open this evening for First Friday, but I’m happy to arrange local pickup for anything ordered online through my Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks. If you head downtown tonight, enjoy – and be sure to wear your mask and socially distance! :0) Thanks to The Beaufort Emporium and Thibault Gallery for providing my holiday cards for folks to sign for some of our local military members who are currently deployed. Just write a note, and I’ll do the rest to get them into the hands of service members. Take good care!

Studio Hours Update – By Appointment for Now

On Hold/By Appointment….

Greetings, Friends. I’ve had a few open studio afternoons this month, but for the time being with an eye on virus numbers, will keep hours by appointment only: My shop is *tiny* and hard to socially distance in. I’m more than happy to arrange pickup for any items ordered from my Etsy shop

It’s open 24-7. (We will decide about December’s First Friday that week. Night on the Town is not happening in Beaufort, but lots of shops WILL be open for First Friday.) Thanks!