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Hmmm... What shall I make today?

Hmmm… What shall I make today?

Robyn Hood Black is a poet and children’s author who makes art celebrating letters, words, and poetry.  She creates pen and ink drawings, relief prints, note cards, bookmarks, altered page collages with found objects and found poetry, assemblage jewelry with typewriter keys and vintage elements, and calligraphy.

On this blog you will find posts about art and creativity and the like.  To purchase artwork, click over to Robyn’s Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/artsyletters

And to learn about Robyn’s books, poetry, and other writing, visit her author website at http://www.robynhoodblack.com.

Thanks for stopping by, and make yourself at home!

Head Shot for media:

(Small – formatted for web)

Robyn Hood Black head shot by Captured Moments small file size for web

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(Large File)

Robyn Hood Black head shot by Captured Moments large file size

Captured Moments Photography



(Below are just some well-wishes when I first forayed into this online artsy territory – I’ve left them just because, well, they’re so nice.  ;0)  )

7 thoughts on “About Robyn

  1. Robyn, you are so very talented and deserve every possible success, happiness and love that life has to offer! Thank you for bringing your talents forth and sharing them with the world. I love you, Cousin!!

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  3. Perhaps you’ll add the cute pig school portrait relief print to your Etsy shop? He’s irresistable! Best of luck with your endeavors.

  4. Hi Robyn – I got the postcard so stopped by to see your website. Best wishes in all your artsy endeavors!