Art Break Wednesday: Words – with Friends!


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(Apologies for late post – could not get my blog to post this earlier this morning, and I was out all day.) Since my art is all about reading, writing, and letters, I thought it would be fun to look at games involving words and letters.

Last night my writers’ critique group, Bookbound, met for our annual Christmas party hosted by the wonderful and talented Donna H. Bowman. We shared our usual yummy food and “white elephant” gifts, and she also had us play games:  holiday-themed activity sheets for kids.  We had to unscramble words (I was pretty good at that), do a word search, and find hidden pictures.

front: Tracy, K. D., Robyn, Heather
back: Janice, Donna, Lisa, Paula
(photo by Danny Bowman)

Great time had by all, including Paula B. Puckett, K. D. Bryant Graham, Lisa Sterling, Tracy Walker, and our regular-honorary-invited-guest, Janice Hardy.  Heather Kolich mentioned that she and her family loved playing a game called Bethump’d.  I’ll have to check out that one.

In my house growing up, we played lots of Scrabble, and plenty of hand-drawn Hangman games.  Watched Wheel of Fortune.  I was never too great at crossword puzzles, but pretty good at Jumble.  By the way, I learned from‘s Word of the Day yesterday that a “cruciverbalist” is  a designer or aficionado of crossword puzzles.  I also heard in a piece on NPR later in the day that a crossword puzzle writer might get $1000 to construct a Sunday puzzle for the New York Times, several hundred less for a daily puzzle.  And that a vital aspect of creating an acceptable puzzle is coming up with a clever theme. (I don’t think I dreamed any of that, but I can’t seem to find a link!)

Now I play Words with Friends on my iPhone.  Mostly with my college-age daughter, Morgan, my sister-in-law, Patti, and my author buddy Susan Rosson Spain.  Took me weeks to be able to beat Susan, but now I get in the occasional win.  Somehow playing that game is not terribly unlike working on poetry –  having to fit letters/words into structured spaces, I suppose.

How about you?  Any favorite word-related games, or favorite games your family might enjoy during these holidays? Do tell!

8 thoughts on “Art Break Wednesday: Words – with Friends!

  1. Hey Sis! I remember Mom being quite the cruciverbalist – yes I get the word-of-the-day too! Alas, they haven’t updated their “hot word” for about two weeks now (I think we all know that “bluster” is their word of the year, already!) I also remember Scrabble of course, and do you remember “Spill and Spell”, “PROBE”, “Phlounder”, and of course “Boggle”? Love ya!

  2. I did Saturday’s crossword puzzle in the Tampa Bay Times – in ink, what a mistake, and what a mess. A nine-letter word for “seaside pavement” went from BOARDWALK to BOULEVARD to finally ESPLANADE. How about an eight-letter word for a city in both Georgia and Ohio. COLUMBUS, right? Nope – it was MARIETTA. I got through it, though, and sailed through Sunday’s “Jumble” though the Scrabble-grams through me. I put down “ATTICUS” for one (knowing it was a proper name) only to find the answer was “CATSUIT” (yes, I use that word everyday!)

  3. The Scrabble-grams THREW me, not “THROUGH” me! I am embarrassed about posting that on an English major’s (and published author’s) website. One last puzzle for you (ATTICUS is a clue): 2000 state birds of Florida in metric – another clue: the state bird of Florida is neither a flamingo nor a FINCH. Have fun – love ya!

  4. Ha ha! Well, glad to know even you make the occasional typo, ;0) And I couldn’t remember all the other word games – see? you did.
    Re. your puzzle.. Must be: 2 kilo mockingbird.
    Did I get it?

  5. Hi! You nailed the puzzle – no surprise there! Also, remember “Password” (both the TV show and the home game) and one of Mom’s favorite game shows, “You Don’t Say”? I think I also remember a couple of little battery powered toy slot machine things we had; one would display 5 card symbols for a poker hand and the other would display 5 letters that you would have to make as many words out of as you could. Anyway, happy Friday and remember to wish Mom a happy B-Day today! Love to all of you!

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