Art Break Wednesday: Holiday Cards – How Do You Do?


Holiday cards – do you send them?

Every year for as long as I can remember, I’ve designed and/or handmade our Christmas cards.  One of these years I’ll put them all together in that little album I bought for that purpose a decade ago or so.  Maybe.

Here is this year’s, fresh off the Fed Ex truck from the printer:

©Robyn Hood Black. All Rights Reserved.


Last year I hand printed and hand tinted a couple hundred of these from a design I carved:


©Robyn Hood Black. All rights reserved.


Do you send out cards this time of year?  Purchased or handmade?  Or maybe you gather up the family for a photo card, so folks can keep up with how the children are growing?  Do you include a yearly letter?

I typically tuck in a photo of the four of us and don’t do a letter. 

Do tell – what holiday card traditions are on your kitchen table? (Or have you already gotten them out?  How organized!)

Wishing you and yours a lovely, inspiring December! 

Remember Etsy for some great, one-of-a-kind gifts.  (You can use the coupon code HOLIDAY2012 in my shop for 10 percent off!  Shhhh… don’t tell.  Nah, just kidding – you can tell your friends.)  PS – I do have free shipping on these holiday cards:


8 thoughts on “Art Break Wednesday: Holiday Cards – How Do You Do?

  1. I don’t think I’ll make it with the cards this year, Robyn. There is just too much to do. But I wanted to tell you how beautiful your cards are. I’ll check out your site for more gifts, however! Best to you for this season!

  2. Robyn, how beautiful! So…cards. I get a ton of cards in the mail from organizations–like Habitat or Red Cross or Alzheimer’s Association–that I’ve sent money to at sometime or other. I mean, it may have been ten years ago…Anyway, I don’t always send in a contribution when the cards come, but I feel like I have to send the cards so I don’t waste them. And maybe someone will look at the back, where the organization’s name is, and that’s something, right?

    I used to buy cards. But now I’m guilted into sending whatever cards are in my holiday basket. *sigh*

  3. Hi, Cathy! I know what you mean about the cards from charitable organizations – I flinch if I toss them into the recycling, and sometimes I re-use the envelopes! Some are really cute.

    But if I didn’t send something original after all these years, a few of our recipients would mutiny…. They have me well-trained. ;0)

  4. Your cards are beautiful. I really like the one you created for this year. I purchased Christmas cards earlier this year, but I usually include one of my poems in many of them. I’m trying to finish revising the poem. I hope to have it ready soon.

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