Upcycled Ornament Fun!

You don’t need a big crowd to do some big-time creating…

Upcycled Ornaments at Coastal Art Supply!
Kim, Robyn and Karen

Many thanks to Karen Erwin and Kim Poovey for coming to my “Upcycled Ornament” Mixed Media workshop at Coastal Art Supply in downtown Beaufort on Saturday.

Look what they made!

“Christmas is a merry time,
Merry time!”

“He loves the little ones
as the great and tall.”

BEAUTIFUL ornaments!!

The recipe for these  included:

–Vintage brass file cabinet label holders

–Pre-loved Postage Stamps from England (various ages)

–Vintage/Antique Texts, including a Youth’s Companion magazine from 1891 and a school Christmas program booklet with songs and plays from 1932

–Vintage and antique lace, including some 100-year-old lace from London

–Vintage beads or charms, including these fun German frosted beads with gold stars

–Goldtone swirly hooks

–Art board, inks, colored pencils

–Imagination, Heart, Soul

Here’s the one I made to demonstrate the steps, though these two creatives didn’t need much in the way of guidance!

a pine.
very well,
evergreen for mine.

I’ll make up some more of these one-of-a-kind ornaments to put in my Etsy shop and in Beaufort Emporium for the holiday season.¬† Cheers!



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